Landscape in origins and culture…

“Basis of language, basis of culture, basis of lifeā€¦turanga o te huruhuru, ano te turanga o te ora; te tiki, te hine, te tamahine… Under the veil of stars, least the white tipped feather should fall from the maidens hair, stone waka guard the pa with all the warrior of that world there…” Korero oContinue reading “Landscape in origins and culture…”

Kiaora, nice to finally meet you!!

After a lot of mucking about there is finally some solid growth and an exiting of the germination stage of this online slice of garden…Solid growth, a wonderful phrase. Nature creates solid growth to form resilience. Recent events have brought to the fore many reasons why we should learn to observe nature more, and takeContinue reading “Kiaora, nice to finally meet you!!”