Was Shakespeare A Fraud?

Had to be there I imagen, but for arguments sakes, I think any fraudulent behavior would have had him well noticed for other reasons rather than by the ones we know him today…Fraud, hypocrisy, pretending, seems a natural part of modern life, a large chunk of most of history was based on such behavior, and,Continue reading “Was Shakespeare A Fraud?”

Who exactly is trespassing? And all these vines and lianes!

So, IT’S LOCKDOWN AGAIN!! I will forgive the lack of applause. Delta has reached our shores in spite of rigorous sanitizing, as we knew deep down it would. We forgo our normal daily lives in hopes of keeping hospitals clear for as long as possible to maximize the positive recoveries and decrease the chances ofContinue reading “Who exactly is trespassing? And all these vines and lianes!”

Disgusting State of NZ, the lies that tourism tries to cover…

When you understand how the system works, and you’ve seen a few untimely or disgusting things in person whilst working for your people or country; protecting those more innocent who have no need to ever experience those bad things becomes paramount in achieving communities that function well for generations more to come. As a citizenContinue reading “Disgusting State of NZ, the lies that tourism tries to cover…”

Being Maori, hugging trees and loving animals…

I did not choose my ethnicity, nor did I choose the cultures that were handed to me, nor the land I grew up in. All these choices were made for me as a child, while I was protected in theory by laws and adults. I did choose however, to ignore the negative lessons that lifeContinue reading “Being Maori, hugging trees and loving animals…”