Tools, tools, tools!

Gardening tools are just as important as the person gardening; they tell of our culture, our individuality, our habits and often, also our status…

Kiaora, tena koutou. Keite pehea koe? Delving further into the world and arts of gardening, the earth and its traditional cycles, you will find a whole new chapter in regard to adornment, regalia and ordnance. Costume and attire is at the top of the list, rituals of sharpening and oiling like medieval knights, warrior tribes and clans people or members of the legions a close second. Knowledge of the enemy, terrain and the working script of ethnobotany forms an essential skill of any warrior in the field.

I will adorn my self upon my skin with scents of oil of lemongrass, tea-tree and ginger (to thwart non-beneficial bugs; it is also common by the end of the day to have hair and shoulders adorned with flowers, feathers, a fern frond or butterflies and ladybugs), cloth so fine and woven so well it breaths, adjusting itself to human movement. Eyepieces made by Ray Ban, Fiorelli, Dirty Dog or Unisex Shatterproof Safety Eyewear model number #0123. Boots of waterproof sturdy stuff cover fancy merino motif legwear who’s only desire is to keep out spiders and giant millipedes. Pockets on cord or neatly attached, carry symbols of rank and skill, sometimes pens and chewing gum. The warriors pack slung neatly with ease, inside and out you will find the oddest styled broad swords and fighting sticks, sickle and sheath, axe and all manner of weaponry!

Next time you see a bright purple polo shirt among the flowers, or a khaki pair of trousers and matching shirt, perhaps a balaclava rolled up to appear more like a beanie, spare a thought for the meaning and expectations, as well as rituals that go into their everyday practice- it can tell you a lot about the purpose and culture of the serviceman or servicewoman and the business they work for, as well as the style of gardening/plant care, level of knowledge and field of expertise! Perhaps you have your own rituals, customs and adornments of rank, special quirks within fields of expertise subset of your chosen occupation, how much of this is external public knowledge, and how much is kept secret, something that only the office staff on that floor may guess or be privy to, or are they trade recognized?

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