Disgusting State of NZ, the lies that tourism tries to cover…

When you understand how the system works, and you’ve seen a few untimely or disgusting things in person whilst working for your people or country; protecting those more innocent who have no need to ever experience those bad things becomes paramount in achieving communities that function well for generations more to come. As a citizen of a ‘peaceful country’ I am often taken aback at the accounts of violence and disorder amongst us left to fester, and indeed, worse again, the same that reaches the courts and is brushed aside, only to have the exact same person crop up in an even higher position in the community, assisted by others cut from the same cloth portraying an astute business frontage, reinventing the same crimes in a larger fashion … WARNING-FOLLOWING VIDEO FOOTAGE CONTAINS VIOLENCE AND IS NOT RECCOMENDED FOR SENSITIVE VIEWERS

Watch video 12:01 Protect Putiki – Warden Security Ltd in action 2.4K views3 weeks ago YouTubeTe Ringa Mangu Mihaka (bing.com)

After watching this video, if you were able to stomach it, you may be as interested to find as I was as a younger version of myself perusing adult university texts, that psychologists and the medical system have long pinpointed these people –

‘Many blend in because they’re the type of people who can go through the motions of ordinary living while acting out against others without giving themselves away. In other words, they’re not obviously deranged, and while they’re morally deviant, they can hide it in their bland everyday manner.

Among their most dangerous features are a callous disregard for the rights of others and a propensity for violating norms. They can charm and manipulate others for their own gain, conning with no regard for anyone’s feelings.

They look for opportunities—taking a security job that positions them to meet potential victims, for example—and they have no qualms, when the time is right, about exploiting them. We want to spot them, but they usually spot us first.’

Psychology Today, Three Signs of an Inconspicuous Predator in your Midst.

If you think its unfair that our central police force – and not our local police or all police, but specially selected police people- have been selected to carry out the bidding of the developer, ignore the blatant and ILLEGAL violence against peaceful people, minors and the elderly (I’m betting you can guess the criteria did not involve having everyday morals or ethics), please go ahead and help us by signing- Police bias at Pūtiki Bay marina development | OurActionStation

I’ve included below some other news items for their content and ease of viewing, but you will find plenty more by using your own search engine or a news search…

Watch video on NZ Herald Focus: Putiki protests at Auckland Council 1 week ago NZ Herald

Watch video on TikTok 0:59 The O.G tik tok made when destruction began in March 2… 6 days ago TikTokprotect_putiki

Watch video on stuff.co.nz The Detail: The controversy behind Waiheke Island’s Ken… stuff.co.nz

Please, if you are are willing and able, assist NZ by making our government uphold our culture as Maori and as willing hosts of many nations peoples. Our culture, and the abolishment of separation and unfair discrimination, have been written into our practices, laws, and are taught at schools; There is no longer any excuse left to those who continue to act against them despite their positions in the height of our political society or justice systems, they need to be held accountable-

Uphold Te Tiriti and Protect Pūtiki Bay | Greenpeace …

#ProtectPūtiki | OurActionStation

Petition · Please help save a beautiful Waiheke Island bay from a massive private marina! · Change.org

Catherine Rainslad PhD, in an article in Psychology Today, gives us this advice-

‘Robert Hare, one of the world’s foremost experts on psychopathic behavior, believes that people need to know what to do in the event they find themselves involved or associated with a predatory psychopath. Among his tips:

  1. Be careful of props—the winning smile, the promises, the fast talk, and the gifts meant to deflect you from the manipulation and exploitation that may be occurring. “Any of these characteristics,” he says, “can have enormous sleight-of-hand value, serving to distract you.”
  2. Anyone who seems too perfect is. Psychopaths hide their dark sides until they get their target person deeply involved. Too much flattery, feigned kindness, and cracks in grandiose stories should provide clues and put you on your guard. Make reasonable inquiries.
  3. Know yourself—or you might be vulnerable from your blind spots. Predators know how to find and use your triggers, so the more you realize what you tend to fall for, the more closely you can guard against it.’

Our best defense is to accept that they’re among us, shed our cultural naiveté, take care whom we trust, and understand the mechanisms of their deception and our denial.

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