Corruption and misuse of power…

In nature we see power plays all the time. Frequently it results in something being eaten or demolished. We are often saddened by the roughness and seeming absence of any empathy at all within the natural world. Yet, from around the world we hear tales of how animals save each other, how they congregate in multi species communities and often in isolated situations use mutualism to ensure they operate and live, in thriving, violence-less resourceful communities; Communities full of families who show empathy and kindness not only to each other but also to other species. We hear tales too, of plants and animals working together, plants and trees in symbiosis and mutualism, fungi feeding great networks of giant trees. The greater earth can work this way also. Its feedback systems often work to nourish instead of harm, to drive out harmful invaders or to encourage movement in stale ecosystems in need of renewal. None of these more positive reactions in nature are corrupt, and all things naturally recover with high resilience, and the earth, finding a good balance, again ceases its feedback controls, ceases the sending of signals to the rest of the celestial bodies and galaxy, and in turn to the rest of the universe.

Corruption is unnatural. Corruption is pushed out and away from positive resilient communities to the outskirts of viable life to where the less empathetic realms of nature lie in wait to issue judgement. Corruption has traumatic effects ranging right across the animal and plant kingdom, right back full circle to us humans. Corruption, like all things in an instinctual place of traumatic survival on the outskirts, breeds quickly, much like a disease becoming in effect a control itself, when left unchecked.

How do we arm ourselves against the disease of corruption? Conventional medicine tells us we should shove it full of synthetic pills, and only deal with it once the symptoms become so great we simply cannot ignore them any longer. Mothers and grandmothers will tell you to come home more often and eat properly -at the table, take a nap and stress less. Those who follow the natural path or the inside-out and whole person approach, will look far more thoroughly and consider many more things, including, much as mother nature does, prevention and working with the design of your body, not against it or with someone elses.

And here in we will find the answer in eliminating corruption in our societies, in our authorities, and within our backyards. A lot of positive prevention activities and action will create resilience. It also creates jobs and diversity. This adds value to peoples lives and the community as a whole, and ensures services are easy to access and available. This equalizes economics and ensures some balance is reached. With the addition of controls, or monitoring and rules, we now have stabilization. Any corruption in this situation will be obvious and easy to spot, there for, very easy to manage. When the dirty are pushed into a river, they have no choice but to be clean.

Activities like protesting corruption aren’t always easy, but if something seemingly so unlikely favored as the mostly blind, naked mole rat, can band together to block a predator ten or more times its size successfully, then surely we should take comfort in knowing we can access clothing, use a torch, receive glasses if needed, and go forth to make the effort to add our voices, our mana or whole spirit, our connected consciousness to protecting what is the real value and essence of a beautiful and free country…

Check out the links below to catch up on some facts about the weirdest but ugly-cutest little creatures. Living to thirty years of age, that’s right, thirty years; naked mole rats may surprise you. If your keen on more in-depth reading there are another two links to an article and a research paper related to the subjects in the garden atm …

Ka kite ano, kia pai to ra koe, ano to wiki ne…

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