Gardens are never done…

NZ native Turkey Tail fungus in a working system where the fungi collects and directs water with its 'tails' assisting to degrade woody materials on the forest floor.This in turn provides food,moisture and ambient tempreture for tree roots, which provide more food for the fungi. If the fungi becomes too optimistic and takes over the tree too quickly, the light and heat will kill off the tails until such a time equilibrium is again reached, and the trees and fungi are again in balance...

Effects of a garden are huge and wide ranging. Gardens are providers, teachers, sustainers, nurturers who work with and on behalf of our earth-mother and sky-father – Rangi’ and Papa’ (and of course their children as off-shoots of their own love), the lord- God, and most poignant of all, our Earth, and it’s wider placement in this solar system that forms part of this universe we reside in. Our planet, Earth, like all other planets is connected through many aspects to our sun and the other planetary bodies in our solar system. We as humans have made these connections consciously for thousands of years. What many don’t realise is that in the same way Earth connects to these other planets and the sun, many other parts of the solar system and universe connect to us, and then in turn or simultaneously back to the rest of the solar system and universe. It is this interconnectedness that brings us back to our own gardens, whether they are front verges, part of a yard, our community recreation areas or our wilderness and landscapes in a wider sense. Of course providing, teaching, sustaining, and nurturing are actions that create reactions, reactions can sometimes require management. Wisdom of the earth dictates that things that go up, must eventually come down-this is a standard reaction, and so what we produce or create must eventually also come down on us. A reaction of the Earth or Garden as a system (also the wider universe and most things within it) is called a feedback mechanism. It protects the Universe and thus the Earth from overuse and death, protects the garden from certain wastage, and ensures that there is a solid cycle of renewal and rebirth.

There is a great Author, who continues to resonate well with me (as does the seriously fantastic illustrator of many of the series), whom provided us with many political and other messages hidden within his best works which were well published and used to teach language to many children throughout the world. I highly recommend you approach any work in the environment with the same ethos- Any work you do, no matter how inconsequential it seems, can have wide reaching consequences…Read more here at Just-Another-Wordpress-Post Because a little bug went Ka-Choo | Chris Chris (

E, taku ehoa, kia whakarongo mai koe- Kia pai to ra koe, ano to wiki koe.

Kia ka keite ano kotou,

na Jamaica @Te Mahi-a-Mara

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