Kiaora koutou, tena koe

Whatungarongaro te tangata toituu te whenua’ Whakatauki a Maori

Man will disapear but the land will remain … We are guests of the land and should conduct ourselves accordingly in the knowledge that it is a sacred home to many, and only 10 percent of this ‘many’ are human …

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Was Shakespeare A Fraud?

Had to be there I imagen, but for arguments sakes, I think any fraudulent behavior would have had him well noticed for other reasons rather than by the ones we know him today…Fraud, hypocrisy, pretending, seems a natural part of modern life, a large chunk of most of history was based on such behavior, and,Continue reading “Was Shakespeare A Fraud?”

Disgusting State of NZ, the lies that tourism tries to cover…

When you understand how the system works, and you’ve seen a few untimely or disgusting things in person whilst working for your people or country; protecting those more innocent who have no need to ever experience those bad things becomes paramount in achieving communities that function well for generations more to come. As a citizenContinue reading “Disgusting State of NZ, the lies that tourism tries to cover…”

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