Kiaora koutou, tena koe

Whatungarongaro te tangata toituu te whenua’ Whakatauki a Maori

Man will disapear but the land will remain … We are guests of the land and should conduct ourselves accordingly in the knowledge that it is a sacred home to many, and only 10 percent of this ‘many’ are human …

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Tools, tools, tools!

Gardening tools are just as important as the person gardening; they tell of our culture, our individuality, our habits and often, also our status… Kiaora, tena koutou. Keite pehea koe? Delving further into the world and arts of gardening, the earth and its traditional cycles, you will find a whole new chapter in regard toContinue reading “Tools, tools, tools!”

Was Shakespeare A Fraud?

Had to be there I imagen, but for arguments sakes, I think any fraudulent behavior would have had him well noticed for other reasons rather than by the ones we know him today…Fraud, hypocrisy, pretending, seems a natural part of modern life, a large chunk of most of history was based on such behavior, and,Continue reading “Was Shakespeare A Fraud?”

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